Due to its small size, the V-King Drill Carrier can be used in places that are hard to reach


V-King Drill Carrier


In 2007, the company brought a new pneumatic drill carrier to the market: the V-King Drill Carrier.

This small size carrier for pneumatic-hydraulic drilling is both versatile and functional. The V-King is a specialized drill carrier for small diameter long hole drilling. This equipment is used to perform work in narrow places and requires minimal assembly. The V-King Drill Carrier is powered by compressed air (800 cfm at 90 psi).

Advantages of the V-King Drill Carrier

  • Easy maintenance due to the exterior planetary drive system
  • Transportation is simplified due to the quick release mechanism on traction
  • Access to internal components through the tilting oil reservoir
  • Optimum unit stability due to extendable hydraulic jacks on the carrier
  • Brake system on four wheels
  • Transportable in a small cage, the carrier is only 48 inches wide

The V-King Drill Carrier can drill small diameter holes for different applications:

  • Slot raises
  • Cable bolting
  • Fan drilling
  • Parallel drilling
  • Inverse drop raises