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V-30 Boring Head


The V-30 Boring Head was designed to drill large diameter holes efficiently and safely. Machines Roger International maintains a strategic alliance with the drill manufacturer Sandvik from Winnipeg that develop an ITH drill (formerly Cubex) adapted to the use of the V-30.

Consult the Sandvik website

The V-30 can meet many diversified drilling requirements and can drill in various types of rocks. It can even go through the hardest minerals. The V-30 can be used in three methods of drilling with angles of 45 to 90 degrees; the Conventional pulling method, the Blind boring pushing method and the Down reaming pushing method.

The V-30 Boring Head can be used to accomplish a variety of underground works

  • Slot raises ;
  • Drain holes & service holes ;
  • Electrical cable holes ;
  • Ore and waste passes ;
  • Ventilation raises

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