Customized drilling solutions



The Manufacturing division of Machines Roger International produces specialized drilling equipment which is distributed worldwide. Highest quality components available are used in order to provide reliable and long lasting equipment. The company constantly works with suppliers of choice to make continual improvements in all processes while seeking to maximize the local content of its manufactured goods.

V-30 Boring Head

30 in. (762 mm) holes

  • Slot raises (Conventional Pulling, Blind Boring or Down Reaming)
  • Drain holes & service holes
  • Electrical cable service holes
  • Ore and waste passes
  • Ventilation raises

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V-King Drill Carrier

Holes varying from 1 3/4 to 3 in. (45 to 75 mm)

  • Slot raises
  • Cable bolting
  • Fan drilling
  • Parallel drilling
  • Inverse drop raises

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