To maximize safety during its operations, Machines Roger International has developed several tools

Health and safety

The main objective of Machines Roger International is to offer products and services adapted to its customers needs while respecting health and safety rules and regulations.

By these actions, the company will maximize the welfare of its employees, its customers and its equipment, where its expertise is required. As a leader in the mining sector, the company provides the training as well as regular update training necessary to ensure understanding by all employees regarding important aspects of health and safety. 

Machines Roger International relies on the leadership and collaboration of all stakeholders involved to ensure that for them, prevention becomes an integral part of their daily activities.

To maximize safety during operations, Machines Roger International has developed several tools:

  • “Health and safety” meetings
  • Safety meeting reports
  • Accident/incident reports
  • Safety inspection reports
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • Daily inspections of equipment
  • Worksheets
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Employee welcoming and integration policies