In 2009, the company celebrated its 25th year of service. Its workforce is now over 300 employees.

History of

Machine Roger International

Machines Roger International was founded in 1984 by Mr. Roger Massé. A miner by profession, Mr. Massé devoted a part of his life to the development of methods of improving safety conditions in mining. In order to increase safety in stope development, he designed a boring head, which quickly revolutionized the mining industry. This new technology improved the drilling method used for slot raise development introducing a more efficient and safe solution.


Since then, the company has never stopped innovating to meet the needs of the industry. Working initially as a manufacturing company, Machines Roger International has added the drilling Contracting division that offers a complete drilling package to its many customers. In 2000, Mr. Massé resigned and passed on the leadership of the company to Mr. Alain Béland. He continues the progress initiated by his predecessor and values the successful development of Machines Roger International. In 2009, the company celebrated 25 years of service.